"Eu não sou promíscua. Mas sou caleidoscópica: fascinam-me as minhas mutações faiscantes
que aqui caleidoscopicamente registro."

(Clarice Lispector)

segunda-feira, 20 de abril de 2009

the outisder

Sometimes i just want to be outside my skin so i could watch myself for once. Sometimes i need to see who i really am.

But what am i?

I feel like a hungry beast outside in the woods, waiting for the time i'm gonna be forgiven, so i could come back home. But the sins are unbearable and i just don't want to come back. Besides, there's no home anymore. There's no quiet room for me. All i left behind was a dirty and dark basement where i used to hide my claws and my lies. I need to breath. I'm suffocating. The air is becoming rare. I cannot breath. Will you help me breath?

Unnamed fears appear and tear myself to pieces. There are two of us. And the other is even worse. We walk through the shadows like evil spirits, but we are not invisible or invincible. We are hungry beasts waiting to ambush our victims. We are filthy and cruel.

This is not a confession. This is not regret. This is the truth. This is the undeniable truth. So, if i lie, forgive me. If i kiss you, forgive me. If i love you, forgive me. If i rape you, forgive me. If i bleed you to death, forgive me. Just forgive me, love; 'cause i don't know what i'm doing.

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E agora José? disse...

Unforgiven 2

"What I've felt, what I've known
Sick and tired, I stand alone
Could you be there?, 'cause I'm the one who waits for you
Or are you unforgiven too?"

God save us all, because we don't know what we're doing.